About Us

Fitness Wear has been in business for 30 years. Our company has deep roots in screen printing and embroidery that trail way back. Our story reflects Fitness Wear’s mission to inspire hard work and accomplishment.

1983: Michael Jackson is #1 on the billboards, Microsoft Word is released, Return of the Jedi hits theaters, and Oren Clanton makes his first sale under the name Fitness Wear. The first official products of Fitness Wear Incorporated were gym towels for physical education programs. Oren Clanton would spend day and night going door-to-door of high schools in the Chicago area selling gym towels to P.E. classes. Oren provided a quality product and great customer service to Chicago’s schools and the demand for more items from Fitness Wear grew. Oren was able to grow Fitness Wear to fund screen printing equipment and warehouse space. Eventually, Fitness Wear began manufacturing and selling P.E. uniforms and establishing itself as a trusted provider of customized apparel.

Oren Clanton dedicated himself to growing Fitness Wear up until 2011 when he sold his business to Justin Finkelman.

Starting at an early age, Justin began designing and creating T-shirts for his own elementary school. He followed his passion of custom apparel throughout college, creating a clothing line to sell his creations. Justin gained experience in the screen printing industry by working closely with his manufactures and retailers. After becoming fascinated with the production process, Justin began following Fitness Wear and growing a relationship with the Clanton’s.

Fitness Wear has observed a long history and has gone through many changes, but one thing has stayed consistent from the very first day Oren Clanton started the company: We have a passion for hard work and honoring your craft. Wether you are an athlete or a business owner, we believe in the blood, sweat and tears it takes to become the best.