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Part 2: THE PRINT RUN This post is the second part of a 2-part post. Part-One: Pre-Production can be found Here (CLICK). PRODUCTION We now have our screens made and we are ready to put them on our screen printing press to begin printing. Let us take a step back for a…(Read More)

It is funny how many people walk into our shop and assume that printing a shirt is just as simple as loading your HP Printer with a sheet of paper and popping out a custom shirt. While there ARE shirt customization methods that are somewhat similar to your standard inkjet printer (yet still not as…(Read More)

Most customers get confused when I describe that their shirt will require a hidden layer of ink called an “Under Base”. They got a quote for printing gold on a t-shirt, and then suddenly decided that they wanted to change the color of the shirt to black. They are still only printing 1-color…(Read More)